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Ivory Bookshelf

You might want to deepen your understanding of ivory–its history and its role in the world. We have listed below a selection of books on various ivory topics that can be obtained from amazon.com, other book selling sites, or from individual publishers.

Please note that this list is by no means meant to be comprehensive, merely suggestive of the additional knowledge available on the fascinating topic of ivory.

African Ivories
  • Treasures 2008 (National Museum of African Art’s 2nd Treasures Exhibition Catalog)
European Ivories
  • Ivories Of The West, Massimo Carra
  • Ivory Pleasures And Treasures, O Beigbeder
  • Masterpieces of Ivory, Richard H. Randalll, Jr.
Inuit–Yupik Ivories
  • A Legacy of Arctic Art, Dorothy Jean Ray
  • Artist of The Tundra And The Sea, Dorothy Jean Ray
  • Eskimo Carving, Susan M. Pearce
  • The Eskimos and Aleuts, Don E. Dumond
  • The Graphic Art of the Eskimos, Walter James Hoffman
Ivory Bearing Animals
  • Elephants, A Culture and Natural History, Karl Croning & Martin Saller
  • The Elk of North American, Olaus J. Murie
  • The Hippos, S. K. Eltringham
  • Mammoths, Adrian Lister & Paul Bahyn
  • Marine Mammals Of The World, T. A. Jefferson, M. A. Webber, R. L. Pitman
  • The Narwhal, Unicorn Of The Sea, Fred Bruemmer
  • The Pinnipeds, Marianne Riedman
  • Pigs And Wild Boars, Ben Sonder
  • The World Of The Walrus, Peter Knudtson
Ivory History
  • The Book of Ivory, G. C. Williamson
  • The Fascination of Ivory, It’s Place In Our World, Godfrey HarrisIvories, A History and Guide, Charles Platten Woodhouse
  • Ivory and It’s Uses, Benjamin BurbackIvory and The Elephant in Art, Archeology and Science, Kunz
  • Ivory’s Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants, John Frederick Walker
Ivory Identification
  • Ivory Identification, A photographic Companion, Bobby Mann & Charles Marts
  • Ivory Identification, A Photographic Reference Guide, Bobby Mann & Charles Marts
Ivory Politics
  • Ivory Markets in the USA, Esmond Martin and Daniel Stiles
  • The Ivory Markets of East Asia, Esmond Martin and Daniel Stiles
  • Ivory Markets of Europe, Esmond Martin and Daniel Stiles
  • The Japanese Ivory Industry, Esmond Martin
  • Ivory’s Cultural Importance, Godfrey Harris
  • International Ivory Society Briefing Book, Godfrey Harris
  • An Introduction To Netsuke, Raymond Bushell
  • Netsuke Familiar & Unfamiliar, Raymond Bushell
  • Netsuke Japanese Life And Legend In Miniature, Edwin C. Symmes, Jr.
  • Ojime Magical Jewels of Japan
Oriental Ivories
  • Chinese Art ivory, B. C. Eastham
  • Chinese Ivories, From Shang To The Qing
  • Chinese Ivory Sculpture, Warren E. Cox
  • How To Scrimshaw And Carve Ivory, Blackie Collins
  • Ivory Carving, Carson I. A. Ritchie
  • Modern Ivory Carving, Carson I. A. Ritchie
  • Scrimshaw A Complete Illustrated Manuel, Steve Paszkiewicz
  • Scrimshaw, The Whaler’s Legacy, Martha Lawrence
  • The Scrimshaw Connection, Bob Engnath
  • Scrimshaw and Scrimshanders, Norman E. Flayderman
  • The Second Scrimshaw Connection, Bob Engnath
  • A Treasury of American Scrimshaw, Michael McManus